A.G. Montessori School | Objectives

The Montessori approach is a way of observing each child individually to discover their unique abilities, learning styles, interests, and talents so that each child can be assisted in acquiring the skills and self-confidence needed to fulfill his/her potential. This is accomplished by preparing a beautiful, inspiring, free-moving environment that meets each child’s needs and interests with a plethora of activities available for their choice in a child-size, homelike setting. In it, the world is introduced to them with joy, beauty, and hands-on masterpieces. Learning and work becomes a means to happiness, satisfaction, and self-construction.

The Montessori method has profound respect for and protection of the sensitive periods of concentration and contemplation in each child that reveal the peaceful, focused, hard-working, and joyful human being they are.

Montessori children’s academic achievements have been remarkable and much can be said about them. However, the chief values of the Montessori method lie in the self-discipline, self-mastery, the joy of learning, and the deep love they have for others and the world those children achieve. The high academic achievements are merely by-products of loving to learn.