Lower Elementary

Ages: 6 to 9 years

After completing our Montessori Primary Program, your child moves on to our Lower Elementary.  In the Primary classroom your child has learned to focus and concentrate, and this has prepared him or her to fully engage in everything the Lower Elementary Program provides.  The Lower elementary classroom is scientifically designed to sustain the independence children gained in our Primary Program, and foster exploration of the expansive Montessori curriculum.  

You’ll notice that many of the same materials appear in the Lower Elementary classroom as in the Primary classroom because the Lower Elementary lessons are built upon those learned in our Primary Program.  At this level, new ways of using these materials are introduced, and there are many, many new materials presented as well, to engage your child with a variety, making new discoveries, and more deeply understanding the abstract concepts of math, language, and Cultural studies.  Cultural studies include biology, botany, zoology, geography, history, earth science, life and physical science, and ecology.

You will also notice and energetic hum of activity in the classroom. Because the child from 6 to 9 is much more socially aware, there is a great drive at this stage to collaborate.  Students bounce ideas off one another, work on projects together, and look for answers to big questions of how the world works and why.

The children enjoy their "work"with the classroom materials, and understand that learning gives them happiness, satisfaction, and a sense of who they are.

Having children of different ages in the same classroom allows the younger children to observe and learn from the older children, while the older children reinforce their skills and learn to be thoughtful, caring leaders.